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Glossary: 2D Animation
2D animation is the creation of moving pictures in a two-dimensional environment, such as through "traditional" cel animation or in computerized animation ...
Is Flash the Only 2D Animation Software? - About.com
While Adobe Flash gets a lot of coverage as a major 2D animation and rich content production package, is it the only 2D animation software package out there?
2D Animation Tricks for a Distinctive Style - About.com
You've probably seen some pretty cool 2D animations that use style tricks a little different from the standard side-scrolling, black-lined textbook animation.
Basics of Traditional and Computer Animation - About.com
Whether you'd like to learn the basics of traditional animation or get started with digital 2D and 3D animation, we've got the information that you need to get ...
How Can 3D Animation Be Rendered As 2D Animation?
Numerous animated television shows and movies make use of 3D animation rendered to look 2D, inked lines and all. Some use wholly 3D-rendered animation; ...
Why Do Cartoons Sometimes Look Like Part 2D, Part 3D Animation?
You've likely seen it while watching animated cartoons: in the middle of a fully 2D scene, suddenly the animation (or parts of the scene) will bring in something ...
What is 2.5D Animation? - About.com
You've heard of 2D animation: animation that takes place in two-dimensional space, usually drawn with line art against a flat background with depth only loosely ...
Digicel Flipbook 6 2D Animation Software - Review
It does, however, come with the features necessary to translate the pen-and- paper 2D animation process onto a digital canvas, and that's what's the most ...
Computer Animation Basics - An Introduction - About.com
The term "computer animation" itself broadly covers a wide variety of genres and applications, but there are two main categories, 2D and 3D animation.
How to Choose an Animation Software Package - About.com
With so many animation programs to choose from with a variety of functionalities ranging from traditional 2D to advanced 3D, stop-motion, and more, it can be ...
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