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Preparing a Professional Demo Reel of Work in Animation School
For an animator, the demo reel is like that final exam in your senior year, ... You' ve probably worked on a variety of projects during animation school, some fun, ...
How Long Should a Computer Animation Demo Reel Be?
Answer: There really is no easy way to choose the length of an animation demo reel, but the simplest answer is: short. Commonly demo reels range from 1-3 ...
Demo Reel Faux Paus - Computer Animation - About.com
Let's start off with the tame ones first, before we get into the real cardinal sins of professional demo reels. Believe it or not, typos can kill you on your demo reel ...
How to Make a Successful Demo Reel for 3D Artists - About.com
When you go looking for a job in the CG industry, your demo reel is like a first ... Potential employers don't want to see every model or animation you've ever ...
Should I Post My Animation Demo Reel Online? - Computer Animation
Many employers will no longer even request demo reels on VHS, CD, or DVD, and instead ask for links to an online reel or portfolio of content. Keeping a demo  ...
Glossary: Demo Reel - Computer Animation - About.com
Demo reels are often sequenced in time to music to create more impact in their presentation. Many employers in the animation field ask for demo reels when ...
Should Adult Material Feature in an Animation Demo Reel?
Should you limit the content of your professional animation demo reel for a family -friendly audience only?
3D Computing: Great CG Studio Showreels - About.com
The Best VFX, Animation, and Motion Graphics of the Past Year. By Justin Slick ... V-Ray Film & VFX Demo Reel 2012 ... I love the focus on animation in this one.
Staying Fresh: Keeping Yourself, Your Demo Reel, and Your ...
If you find that now you can produce something better, don't hesitate to revamp your demo reel; if you don't have time to create full-detailed animations to replace  ...
Should Gory or Sexual Imagery be Included in an Animation Demo ...
Recently, my article about things to avoid in an animation demo reel was cited in a blog on creating film demo reels - including skepticism over my warning to ...
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