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Profile: DreamWorks Animation SKG - About.com
Dreamworks Animation SKG, primarly led by Katzenberg, is the highly successful , animation-oriented subdivision of Dreamworks SKG. It has plans in the future ...
Profile: Pixar Animation Studios - About.com
Based out of Emeryville, CA, Pixar is an award-winning animation studio famous for its computer-animated film shorts and for the feature films that it produces in ...
The Walt Disney Company - Animation - About.com
Disney is no doubt one of the most famous names in the animation industry, ... The Walt Disney Company Profile · What Every Entrepreneur Can Learn from Walt ...
Profile: Square Enix - Animation - About.com
Square Enix is actually three companies: the primary Square Enix Co., Ltd. based in Tokyo, Japan, with subsidaries Square Enix Inc. in Los Angeles, CA and ...
Profiles of Major Names in the Animation Industry
If you're interested in the giants of computer animation, take a look at these profiles of the companies that have practically become household names in the ...
Introduction to Flash CS5 Workspace Profiles - Animation - About.com
Adobe Flash CS5 comes with several workspace profile presets, which allow you to change the layout and available toolsets based on your primary usage.
Tips on How to Create an Animation Resume - About.com
Never written a resume for an animation career? ... As a career animator, if you've worked on high-profile projects such as feature films or highly successful ...
Introduction to Flash CS5 Workspace Profiles - Animation - About.com
Adobe Flash CS5 comes with multiple preset workspaces designed to optimize productivity for different types of users.
Introduction to Flash CS5 Workspace Profiles - Animation - About.com
The Animator workspace targets easy animation (obviously), with a broad range of toolsets balanced around the central stage. The timeline takes front and ...
Flash Frame-By-Frame Animation: 8-Frame Basic Walk Cycle
The walk cycle is one of the most important animation techniques to master, but ... Computer Animation Tips · Profiles of Major Names in the Animation Industry ...
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