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Animation Tips & Tools - About.com
It doesn't matter if you're a traditional animator or a digital animator; over the course of your animation career, you'll accumulate a wealth of tips and tricks to help ...
Computer Animation Tips and Tricks - About.com
Computer animation isn't just about diving into the software and getting right to work; there are many little external tricks to make the process easier, less ...
Pursue a Career in Computer Animation: Tips and Resources
Thinking about turning your interest in animation into a career? Here are a few tips on the first steps to take, and links to the employment sites of some of the ...
Animation Tips - Graphics Software - About.com
Tutorials, tips and other resources relating to animation both on and off the Web.
Animation Tip: Tools of the Trade: Light Tables
Whether you're drawing 2D animation for cel painting or doing the preliminary pencil work to be scanned in for a computer animation, a light table is one of the ...
Animation Tip: Line Weight
The easiest example is to look at an animated ball. You could draw a ball with a uniform outline, but then it would simply be a 2D circle without the implied ...
Animation Tip: In-Between Trick
When hand-drawing frame-by-frame animation, sometimes it can be difficult to guesstimate the proper placement of lines between one keyframe and the next.
Animation Tip: Layering
Working with layers isn't only for digital animation - though the tip we're about to discuss applies there as well. There are times when you may have a long ...
Animation Planning Tip: Storyboarding - About.com
Using a storyboard will help you organize your animation, and match you mental visualizations of scenes with the written script. If you use a storyboard you'll find ...
Miscellaneous Tips & Tricks - Animation - About.com
Flash Tips: How to Embed Your SWF into a Webpage · Young man at ... Flash Tip : Alternate Website for Non-Flash Users ... Flash Tip: Onion-Skinning Animation.
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