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Animation Tips & Tools - About.com
It doesn't matter if you're a traditional animator or a digital animator; over the course of your animation career, you'll accumulate a wealth of tips and tricks to help ...
Computer Animation Tips and Tricks - About.com
Computer animation isn't just about diving into the software and getting right to work; there are many little external tricks to make the process easier, less ...
Pursue a Career in Computer Animation: Tips and Resources
Thinking about turning your interest in animation into a career? Here are a few tips on the first steps to take, and links to the employment sites of some of the ...
Animation Tips - Graphics Software - About.com
Tutorials, tips and other resources relating to animation both on and off the Web.
Animation Tip: In-Between Trick
When hand-drawing frame-by-frame animation, sometimes it can be difficult to guesstimate the proper placement of lines between one keyframe and the next.
Animation Tip: Tools of the Trade: Light Tables
Odds are, when you were first trying to discover the field of 2D animation (or as you try to discover it now), you went through dozens of experiments trying to ...
Animation Tip: Line Weight
The easiest example is to look at an animated ball. You could draw a ball with a uniform outline, but then it would simply be a 2D circle without the implied ...
Animation Planning Tip: Storyboarding - About.com
Using a storyboard will help you organize your animation, and match you mental visualizations of scenes with the written script. If you use a storyboard you'll find ...
Miscellaneous Tips & Tricks - Animation - About.com
36 Articles in: Miscellaneous Tips & Tricks ... Flash Tip: Tools of the Trade: Drawing in Flash With a Graphics Tablet ... Flash Tip: Onion-Skinning Animation.
Animation Tip: Walk vs. Run
One of the most basic principles of animation is the walk cycle; it's often the first ... touching the ground, even if it's only the ball of the foot or the tips of the toes.
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