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2D Animation Tricks for a Distinctive Style - Computer Animation
You've probably seen some pretty cool 2D animations that use style tricks a little different from the standard side-scrolling, black-lined textbook animation.
Computer Animation Tips and Tricks - About.com
Computer animation isn't just about diving into the software and getting right to work; there are many little external tricks to make the process easier, less ...
Animation Tips & Tools - Computer Animation - About.com
It doesn't matter if you're a traditional animator or a digital animator; over the course of your animation career, you'll accumulate a wealth of tips and tricks to help ...
Tips and tricks for animation design - Computer Animation - About.com
Articles and content about design elements for animated projects.
Miscellaneous Tips & Tricks - Computer Animation - About.com
How Do You Apply Your Computer Animation Skills? ... How to Create a Basic 8- Frame Animated Walk-Cycle ... 36 Articles in: Miscellaneous Tips & Tricks.
Animation Tips and Tricks: 1s vs 2s - Computer Animation - About.com
Animation Tips and Tricks for creating movements using 1 frame vs 2 frames on screen.
Animation Tips and Tricks: Loops - Computer Animation - About.com
What's one oft he oldest tricks in the animation world to save time?
Basics of Traditional and Computer Animation
Whether you'd like to learn the basics of traditional animation or get started ... and tricks for animation design · Spotlighting the best in the world of animation.
Animation Tip: In-Between Trick - Computer Animation - About.com
When hand-drawing frame-by-frame animation, sometimes it can be difficult to guesstimate the proper placement of lines between one keyframe and the next.
10 Stupid Flash Tricks - Computer Animation - About.com
Just because we can do it, however, doesn't mean that we should--and here you' ll find a list of ten Stupid Flash Tricks that you can create in Flash, but that you ...
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