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Demo Reel Faux Paus - Animation - About.com
One of those times is when you're putting together a demo reel for potential ... I can give you a list of the cardinal sins of demo reels and just why they're so bad.
Should Adult Material Feature in an Animation Demo Reel?
Should you limit the content of your professional animation demo reel for a family -friendly audience only?
Staying Fresh: Keeping Yourself, Your Demo Reel, and ... - Animation
That doesn't mean that you should throw out the good with the bad, though. Some things just can't be dated, and that could apply to many of your demo reel clips ...
Acting Reel - About.com
An acting reel (also referred to as a demo reel) is a very important marketing tool for ... Having a good reel as opposed to a poor one can be a deciding factor of ...
How to Make a Successful Demo Reel for 3D Artists - About.com
When you go looking for a job in the CG industry, your demo reel is like a first impression and first round interview all rolled into one. These six tips will show you ...
Robots: A Fine Example to Animators....of What Not to Do. - Animation
An animated feature film is not a demo reel; with a demo reel you can get away ... you understood that the villains wanted to do something bad, but you didn't ...
Pursue a Career in Computer Animation: Tips and Resources
Should Adult Material Feature in an Animation Demo Reel? ... good taste, I can give you a list of the cardinal sins of demo reels and just why they're so bad.
IDFA 2011 Awards - Winners and Nominees - Category Jurors
Nov 23, 2011 ... ... Bad Weather - Directed by Giovanni Giommi (Germany/UK); Prize: ... the filmmakers and the screening of a teaser or demo reel, which is then ...
Producing a Professional Printed Portfolio - Animation - About.com
... revolve around producing a final demo reel of your work, the demo reel is by ... (most would recommend Kinko's, though I've had various bad experiences at ...
Seven Ways To Tank Your Animation - About.com
But there's a difference between something that's deliberately bad or comically awful and something that's just ... That goes for your demo reel, too, by the way.
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