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Flash Animation Tutorials: Step-by-Step Lessons
Whatever you want to do in Flash, these tutorials will help you get a foothold on on the basics of developing your animation skills, as well as a few tips and tricks  ...
Creating Your First Flash Animation Step 1 - Computer Animation
In this lesson we'll cover how to create a new blank movie file in Flash MX, and the tools and steps involved in making your first simple animation using motion ...
Flash Animation 2: Shape Tweening
With this lesson, we'll pick up at the end of where we left off in Lesson 1, with a lesson on shape tweening in Flash MX. Shape tweening can take two different ...
Traditional Animation in Flash - Computer Animation - About.com
While Flash is a good program for easy point-and-click animation, it's an even better program for bringing traditional, hand-drawn frame-by-frame animation into  ...
Flash Frame-By-Frame Animation: Detailed Animation Part I
Creating a detailed, full-color character animation using traditional frame-by- frame methods is a long and at times difficult process, even in Flash. For this lesson ...
Flash Animation 14: Gravity, Squash, and Stretch
It's time to learn how to use Flash with classic animation techniques to portray gravity, weight, and squash and stretch. Just in time for the winter holidays, ...
Flash Animation 7: Let's Move, Baby.
By now you should have a script set up; I kept mine trimmed to two lines, to avoid having a 1MB animated GIF here, but you have fun making yours as long as ...
Flash Animation 8: Adding Simple Audio - Computer Animation
This will be one of the easiest lessons yet; all we're going to do is add a looping audio background to our Flash character animation to complete it.
Flash Animation 4: Animating Your E-card - Computer Animation
Now that we've set the stage for our E-card, let's go ahead and animate it. For the first part of that, we're going to use a new kind of symbol called a Movie Clip.
Flash Frame-By-Frame Animation: Keyframe and In-Between Basics
Flash is a fun tool for quick and easy automated animation, allowing you to create shapes and then move them about without having to draw every frame of the ...
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