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Creating Your First Flash Animation


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Moving Your Symbol on a New Frame
Moving Your Shape On a New Frame

Moving Your Shape On a New Frame

Now we're going to go back to our workspace; making sure that you're still on frame 12 (the red timeline marker should be over that frame), use the Arrow tool to select the circle that you drew before; you'll be able to tell that it's selected by the blue outline surrounding it again.

Click and drag on the circle to move it anywhere on your canvas; I'm going to move mine to the lower right-hand corner of my active space. (Unless you want to animate your shape moving off-screen, don't move it into the gray area surrounding the canvas; objects in the gray area do not show up on the final animation.)

If you return to your timeline and click on frame 1, pressing the "Enter" key will play all of your animation; however, it doesn't look quite right, does it? The circle remains in the original position for the first eleven frames, before suddenly snapping to the new location. In the next step, we'll take care of that by applying the motion tween.

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