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Creating Your First Flash Animation


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Adding a Motion Tween to Your Animation
Applying a Motion Tween

Applying a Motion Tween

Believe it or not, this is the easy part. In Flash, "motion tweening" is used to describe the process where the program automatically creates the frames between keyframe A of an object's timeline and keyframe B to make a smooth animation depicting the object moving from one location to another. This is different from "shape tweening" because it doesn't affect the object's shape, size, or color, but we'll cover that in the next lesson.

To apply your motion tween, simply click and drag your mouse from frame 1 to frame 12 to select them; then you can either right-click on the frames and select "Create Motion Tween", or you can click on the "Tween" dropdown in the Properties tool panel and select "Motion". (Leave the other options at their default settings.) The affected frames will turn a shade of pale violet, and an arrow will appear stretching from the first keyframe to the last; this is the sign of a successful motion tween. (If the frames turn violet but the arrow is replaced by a dashed line, right-click and select "Remove Tween" before verifying that you've completed the steps properly.)

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