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3D Studio Max Lesson 1.2: Tool Tabs Overview


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Shapes Tab
Shapes Tab

Shapes Tab

The Shapes tab deals with two-dimensional shapes, also called "splines", that are created or modified through connecting points to create outlines and planes. You can also create text, and extrude shapes or letters to move from two into three dimensions.
  • Line: Draws a simple line between two points.
  • Circle: Draws a point-delineated circle.
  • Arc: Draws a point-delineated arc.
  • NGon: Draws a polygon with "N" number of points and sides, set by the user.
  • Text: Lets you enter text as spline shapes, customizing the font and size based on your system fonts.
  • Section: Generates spline/point shapes based on a cross-section of another, three-dimensional object.
  • Rectangle: Draws a point-delineated rectangle.
  • Donut: Draws two concentric circles in a "donut" shape.
  • Star: Similar to the Ngon, but drawn as a star of multiple points instead of a polygon.
  • Helix: Creates a spiral/spring/helix.
  • NURBS Point Curve: Creates a curve as a NURBS object, with curves modifiable by adjusting the vertices.
  • NURBS CV Curve: Another variation of the above.

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