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3D Studio Max Lesson 1.4: Animation Tools Overview


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View Control Tools
3DSMax 1.4.7
  • Field of View/Region Zoom: This only works in perspective viewports. The Field of View state adjusts the amount of the scene visible in the viewport and the perspective. The Region Zoom state lets you draw a selection outline around an area to zoom in on it.
  • Pan: Lets you “drag” the scene up, down, left, or right, panning it to position it in your viewport.
  • Arc Rotate/Arc Rotate Selected/Arc Rotate SubObject: The main Arc Rotate tool spins the viewport around the center so that you can rotate it to a certain view. In Arc Rotate Selected (white), it rotates around the current selection center instead of the scene center. Arc Rotate SubObject (yellow) rotates around the center of the current sub-object selection.
  • Min/Max Toggle: This switches the active viewport from normal size to full-screen size and back again. This can also be done by pressing the W shortcut key.

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