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Education Resources for Computer Animation

Computer animation can be more than just an enjoyable hobby; with an education in the field, it can become a long and rewarding career with endless possibilities and applications. Here's a look at a few things to think about when choosing your course of study, and a list of just a few of the animation programs offered at schools around the United States.
  1. Animation Schools (5)

Magna Cum Pixel: An Education in Animation
Choosing a school can be a big decision; where you go to school and the major that you select can shape the course of your career for many years to come. When deciding on a degree in the many areas of computer animation, the decision could be easier than you think.

Preparing a Professional Demo Reel
For an animator, the demo reel can mean success or failure--not only in your education, but in your career. How do you use the projects from school assignments to create a demo reel that will leave a good impression on employers?

Producing a Professional Printed Portfolio
Beyond your demo reel, your portfolio is equally important to your future career, and a culmination of the many skills learned in animation school. Here's what I've learned about how to present your portfolio in a neat, professional fashion.

Leave-Behinds: Small Wonders
Resumes, portfolios and demo reels aren't the only presentation pieces essential to landing a job in animation; before you graduate, you may want to look into preparing other materials to give you an edge over other applicants.

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