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All About Flash CS5


All About Flash CS5
Tired of searching through blog posts and directories for Flash CS5 content? I've gathered all CS5-specific coverage here, from step-by-steps to reviews and overviews. Check back weekly few new tutorials, highlights, and coverage.

A First Look at Flash CS5

Adobe Flash CS5 Review
A first look at the merits and flaws of the latest version of Flash.

New Features of Flash CS5
Take a look at what's new and upgraded, including animation and design tools.

Getting to Know Flash CS5

Introduction to Flash CS5 Workspace Profiles
Use workspace profiles to quickly and easily change your working area to best suit your purposes and workflow.

Properties Panel / Document Property Inspector
Take a look at the changes in the Property Inspector with Flash CS5.

Flash CS5 Tools

Flash CS5 Deco Tool: Vine Fill Options
Use vine fills to generate artwork and animations with default or custom symbols.

Flash CS5 Deco Tool: Grid Fill Options
Learn how to use the automated grid fill.

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