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Flash Tip: Duplicate Window


Flash Tip: Duplicate Window
Working on scenes in Flash often requires zooming and panning all over the place to focus on different areas of the stage. Often we can find ourselves zooming in and out on the same areas so often it's like we're doing the movie clip hokey-pokey; a way to avoid this is to create one or more duplicates of the current window / open project, and keep the various duplicates focused on different work areas.

To duplicate a window, click Window on the file menu at the top of the screen, then Duplicate Window. You can also use PC keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+K. This will create a separate window of the same file, with the filename YourFileName:2 (or 3, or whatever copy it is). You can browse between the two by selecting them in the Window menu, clicking the appropriate timeline tab, or (if you have this option turned on) alt-tabbing to the separate windows in your taskbar.

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