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Flash Tip: Switching Color Modes Between RGB and HSB


Flash Tip: Switching Color Modes Between RGB and HSB
Switching between RGB and HSB color modes is easy - just a few clicks and you're done. If you look at the Color pane in your right-hand (by default) block of tool panes, there's a little tab at the top with three tiny horizontal lines and a small downward-pointing arrow. Clicking on this opens a menu, with both RGB and HSB displayed; one should be checked. To switch, just click the unchecked one.

If you're wondering at the difference between the two, it's pretty simple. RGB stands for "Red, Green, Blue" and uses varying values of the three colors (from 0 to 255 for each) to create just about any shade in the white-light color spectrum. HSB stands for "Hue, Saturation, Brightness" (sometimes also called luminosity), and provides an alternate way of determining color based on its primary color, how much of that color saturates a shade, and how bright it is. The HSB color method uses percentages rather than the 0-255 values, and is purported to provide more accuracy in color determination and selection.

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