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Flash Tip: Floating / Detaching the Timeline


Flash Tip: Floating / Detaching the Timeline
I'm almost thirty. I think that's old enough to make me a bit set in my ways. Flash's timeline is at the top of the working area, above the stage; I like it that way, that's where it belongs, and that's where it'll stay. Right?

Not exactly.

If you look in the upper left-hand corner of the timeline area, you'll see a double vertical dashed line; when you hover over this line, your mouse cursor should turn into the four-pointed cross that indicates you're hovering over a movable object. If you click, hold, and drag in this spot, you can drag the timeline out from its default spot and anywhere on the stage. If you let go in a random spot, the timeline becomes a floating panel that layers on top of the rest of the work area. You can also dock the timeline top, bottom, left, or right, in various areas that the movable outline will snap to by changing shape as you drag it near. In these spots the timeline will fit itself into the existing workspace elements as part of the layout, rather than a floating object.

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