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Flash Tip: Shape Tweening Expanded: Controlling Hue


Flash Tip: Shape Tweening Expanded: Controlling Hue
We've talked about changing hues/colors using shape tweens for a gradient fading effect, as part of Lesson 4. However, I thought it might be a good idea to separate this out as a tip of its own, to make it a bit easier to find it for reference purposes.

To make a shape fade from one color to the next, follow these simple steps:

  • Once your shape is created on your first keyframe, copy it over to another frame at the end of the duration of your color fade effect. Remember: do not make this into a symbol. Your tween will not work if you do.
  • On your second keyframe, select the fill, and then change the color in the color mixer to the desired shade.
  • Select the range of frames from your first to your last keyframes.
  • On the Tween dropdown menu in the Properties panel at the bottom of the screen, select "Shape".
You should now have a simple color-fading gradient effect.

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