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Flash Frame-By-Frame Animation: 8-Frame Basic Walk Cycle


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Starting Point
Flash Frame-By-Frame Animation: 8-Frame Basic Walk Cycle
For your first walk cycle, it's best to try a stick figure. It's good practice, anyway, as a great way to build your animations is to start by drawing stick figures to get the motion down before building actual solid shapes on top of those stick figures; it can save you a lot of time, and a lot of correction work, as it's much easier to work out timelines and difficult motion issues in stick figures than in detailed forms.

To start off, set up a scene with a groundline, as we don't want our stick-man walking in empty space. Then build your stick figure (you can draw it freehand or use the Line and Oval tools; I did a combination of both), referencing the first pose in the Preston Blair cycle to position his limbs.

To save some trouble redrawing things, we're going to cut a corner that we couldn't do if we were doing this by hand using paper, pencils, paint, and cels: we're going to duplicate the body and head across different frames, so build your stick-man on different layers. I put my head and body on one layer, my arms on another layer, and my legs on a third layer.

A common trick in animation is to make the limbs on the "far" side of the body a slightly darker color so that 1.you can distinguish between them, especially in cases such as this with a simple shape, and 2.so that the shadow makes them seem to recede into the distance.

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