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Flash Frame-By-Frame Animation: Detailed Animation Part VI


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Flash Frame-By-Frame Animation: Detailed Animation Part VI
We’ve gone through the full steps for you to create a complex traditional animation for a humanoid form (from the shoulders up, anyway). Now we’re going to go back to basics so the naked cue-ball can get dressed. The steps in this are going to be roughly the same, but with a slightly different approach; as I animated the character, I depicted his movements, but because he’s a solid, high-density mass, no part of his actual body was affected/shifted by his momentum. (It would be a little creepy if it was—flesh flapping like the jowls of a wrinkled dog with its head hanging out the window.)

His clothing, however, is a different story—and while the turtleneck may stay pretty static unless I decide to add in shifting wrinkles (not likely on the small area visible), the collar of his coat is very much subject to the breeze created by his turn. So as we animate, instead of just animating the coat’s collar staying in the exact same position, we’re going to show it blowing to one side while still traveling with him as he moves.

I’ve started off with rough sketches again, though this time since it’s such a simple shape we really don’t need to break it down; we can just scribble the lines we need. Just for a break from the blue and so I don’t get any of this confused with previous sketch layers, I’m working in a dark red-orange this time.

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