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Flash Frame-By-Frame Animation: Detailed Animation Part VI


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Adding on to the Animation
Flash Frame-By-Frame Animation: Detailed Animation Part VI
It’s finally time to stop the constant cycle of head-jerks and extend the animation out a little. Although the head won’t move any further after this, it doesn’t mean that the collar and any other things that we might add in later won’t. I’m just going to add a small wind-borne flap to the collar after Shinji comes to his resting position, only five frames—but the starting and ending frames need to be the same, as I want it to cycle so that it can repeat endlessly. For this I’ve extended my animation by five frames, copying the ending frame of each layer of linework and color out so that everything else remains static.

The next step is to copy the last frame of the clothing/coat and paste it on the very last frame of the extension, as our starting and ending points will be the same. For now we’re not going to do anything to make it repeat; we’ll wait until we’re done with all of the lines and color.

However, now we are going to define the farthest point of motion from the origin. On the frame marking the midpoint of the additional frames added, sketch in the lines that show how far out the coat will flap from its starting point.

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