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Flash Tip: Program Tools: Align Panel


Flash Tip: Program Tools: Align Panel
The Align Panel is one of many useful tool subsets found (typically) to the right side of your work area; they're stacked in a single column, and each is collapsible using the arrow on the left-hand corner, or detachable to be "floated" anywhere on your screen.

On this panel you can align your objects either to the stage (if the To Stage button is active) or to each other (if the To Stage button is inactive), without the tedious work of zooming in and trying to eyeball it yourself. You can also distribute groups of shapes evenly across the stage based on a certain edge location, match shapes in width and/or height, and adjust the spacing evenly between shapes. By selecting your shapes and then clicking the appropriate buttons (listed below from left to right, then top to bottom), you can:

  • Align Left Edge
  • Align Horizontal Center
  • Align Right Edge
  • Align Top Edge
  • Align Vertical Center
  • Align Bottom Edge
  • Distribute Top Edge
  • Distribute Vertical Center
  • Distribute Bottom Edge
  • Distribute Left Edge
  • Distribute Horizontal Center
  • Distribute Right Edge
  • Match Width
  • Match Height
  • Match Width and Height
  • Space Evenly Vertically
  • Space Evenly Horizontally

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