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ActionScripting Basics: Revamping getURL with Animated Movie Clips


You don’t need to use button symbols or text to add clickable, hyperlinked URLs to your Flash movies; you can use ActionScripting and the getURL function to make your animated movie clips clickable, as well. getURL can be used with on (action) mouse commands to open whatever URL you choose from within a browser-embedded Flash movie.

For this lesson you’ll just need a movie clip--anything will do. I’ve just grabbed an old animation from the slingshot game, and I’ll be applying the hyperlink to the bouncing animation; if you don’t know how to make a movie clip, it’s very simple. Create an object on the stage, and with the object selected, press F8 on the keyboard or click Insert->Convert to Symbol. (You can also right-click to select the same option.)

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