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Flash Halloween Costume Dress-Up Doll II: Controls & Scripting


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Continuation: Masking the Menu
Flash Halloween Costume Dress-Up Doll II: Controls & Scripting
When we last left off, we’d created all of the artwork for the doll and her various parts, and properly arranged them against a backdrop on the Flash stage. We’re going to move on to script it to make the costume doll “work” now so that it’s interactive and user-controlled, but before we do that, we need to tweak the menu just a tiny bit.

Previously we’d lined up the menu options in a marching progression with the intention of scrolling them into a visible area. At the moment, however, all of the graphics representing the menu options are visible, when we only want the area inside the closet to be visible. In order to fix that, we’re going to use – you guessed it – a layer mask.

On a layer above the closet area, draw a rectangle that fully covers the closet’s interior; then right-click it and select Mask. It should mask the layer immediately underneath; make sure to drag all of your menu layers until they’re linked to the mask layer, so that everything outside of the closet area (which becomes our active menu area) is concealed.

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