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Flash Tip: Making an Invisible "Hotspot" Button


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Setting Up a Scene
Flash Tip: Making an Invisible
In Lesson 9, we covered creating standard buttons with a rollover effect; to expand on that, however, let's take a look at how to make a "hotspot" button--a button that's basically invisible and turns a part of your scene into a clickable "hotspot".

To start with, let's make a simple scene. The image above is what I like to call a "quick and dirty"--something patched together in five minutes for demonstrative purposes. It's a door. No, really, it is. And that little...circle thingy...is a rug. So. Moving on--for this scene we're going to make the doorknob clickable; let's say hypothetically that clicking the doorknob would "open" the door and play a new scene.

But we don't want to make the lines and fills for the doorknob oval itself clickable; it makes editing the doorknob itself more difficult later, and also limits the clickable area. We want to expand the area to the doorknob and a small area around the doorknob so the user doesn't have to try so hard to click right on that one tiny, exact spot.

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