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Flash Animation 10: Creating a New Scene


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Introduction to Scenes
Flash Animation 10: Creating a New Scene
Now that we've got buttons, we need to create options to go with those buttons. In order to do that we're going to make new scenes in Flash; a scene is like a clip of a movie, which can be treated as an entire single unit all on its own and arranged around other clips. If you have multiple scenes in a Flash movie without any stops at the end of them, then all of your scenes will play consecutively in the order they were created. You can rearrange that order, or insert a stop at the end of any scene, which will cause the scene to hold until a trigger (like a button click) directs it to go to and play another scene or perform another action. You can also use ActionScripting to control the order that scenes are played in, and how often.

For this lesson we won't be doing any ActionScripting; we're just going to add new scenes to our animation, one for each option that we created buttons for.

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