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Flash Animation 13: Creating a Simple Preloader


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Creating a New Scene for the Preloader
Flash Animation 13: Creating a Simple Preloader
A Flash preloader is a short, low-key animation that plays while the rest of your animation is loading, and can either loop or show a growing progress percentage. These animations are small enough to load immediately, and generally keep the user entertained while the rest of a larger animation is loading.

This lesson may seem a little confusing at first, because we're diving straight from an introduction into ActionScript programming and into several more complex commands combined to accomplish a simple task. Don't worry if you get a little lost the first time around; it takes practice to become familiar with this sort of thing, and we were all a bit puzzled by it at first.

I'm continuing to use the file we've been building on in previous lessons with my character Lex, though we won't really be looking at him in this lesson. What we're doing is creating a preloader, and so we need to make a separate scene to place the preloader animation on.

Open your scene control dialogue, and insert a new scene before dragging it above all other scenes in your list to make sure that the Flash player reads and loads it first. You may want to rename it--I've named mine Preloader.

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