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Flash Animation 15: Starting and Stopping Sound Effects


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Recap and Introduction
Flash Animation 15: Starting and Stopping Sound Effects
In Lesson 8, we covered adding a repeating audio background to animations, in very simple format; now we're going to fine-tune audio a bit more, by adding a sound effect that will only play on specific frames/events. For this, we'll need to use the Properties for our sound file, to control when it stops and starts.

I'm going to add a bouncing sound effect to the bouncing snowball animation from Lesson 14; I've already put a simple audio background on it, just a little looping holiday jingle imported into my library that helps to set the tone without being overpowering.

First you'll need to obtain an audio file for your sound effect. Short of recording your own, it's sometimes difficult to find the sound effects you need, especially with so many audio-related copyright issues at stake. I get mine from Freeze.com, which has a library of free sound effects for download. All you have to do is fill out a simple registration form, and accept or decline a couple of pages of offers.

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