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Flash Animation 25: Flash for Web Design: Simple Video Imports


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Introduction and Setting Up
Flash Animation 25: Flash for Web Design: Simple Video Imports
Video is a tricky thing to work with in Flash. Unlike with a regular web page, you can't just use an <embed src="..."> tag to stick your video in there in its own little self-contained media player with controls inherent; imported video in Flash has to become part of your movie's library, and if the individual frames need to fit inside your timeline. You don't really want to have to stretch your web page's timeline out to fit a video that could be anywhere from ten to ten thousand frames long with audio, so I'm going to show you how to import and imbed your video using movie clips instead.

To start off with, I've set up a thumbnail gallery similar to the one that we created in the last lesson--but instead of being thumbnails of images, these are single-frame resized previews of the video that they'll watch. Instead of opening a new window, we're going to navigate to a new frame/"page" using those preview thumbnails as buttons in the exact same way that we did to set up the original navigation for the page.

So to start with, just go ahead and place your thumbnail previews on the frame/page that you set aside for your videos when first creating your navigation links.

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