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Flash Animation 8: Adding Simple Audio


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Creating a Workable Looping Audio File
Flash Animation 8: Adding Simple Audio
This will be one of the easiest lessons yet; all we're going to do is add a looping audio background to our animation to complete it. In order to do that, though, you'll first need an audio file that can loop well. While you could just load an entire song in MP3 format into Flash, you'll need to remember that that song will be part of your overall exported SWF file, which means that your viewers will have to download the song in its entirety, which is murder on dialup or a shared connection.

With that in mind, a short, looping clip would be better. If you can find a song with a decent beat and repetitive loops, you can crop one of those out; I chose an opening section from Jeff Beck's "You Had It Coming", and used Adobe Premiere to clip out about nine seconds of it--I could have used five or less, but I cropped out a double loop to ensure smooth repetition--and export it as a 1.75 MB WAV, before using a freeware program called Power MP3 WMA Converter to trim it down into a 87.5 KB MP3. I would recommend that you use an audio editing program like SoundForge to export directly to MP3, however--something I'd rather have used myself, but it's a personal quirk that my computer happens to hate that program, so I found alternative means.

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