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Breaking Down the Screaming Maze Trick


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Springing the Trap
Breaking Down the Screaming Maze Trick
This frame is easy. Just throw up whatever image you think will shock/startle your end user (I found this one on a Google image search for the term “grotesque”, and pulled it from Fromoldbooks.org), place any text that you like, and add a jarring sound effect (if you don’t remember how: import it to your library by clicking File->Import to Library and selecting your audio file, and then with the correct frame selected, pick the name of your audio file from the Sound dropdown in the Properties pane). Just for perverse humor I put another Try Again button on mine; believe it or not, there are some people who will try it again and again, thinking that they just have to edge around that spot to complete the so-called “game”.

You can give my version of it a shot here. Just to save your nerves I’ve used clown laughter for my sound effect instead of the loud, shrill screams that most use for theirs. You’ll also notice some changes that I’ve made to mine for improved functionality.

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