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Breaking Down the Screaming Maze Trick


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Scripting User Interaction
Breaking Down the Screaming Maze Trick
Now comes the fun part, where we get to tell Flash how to behave when the user’s mouse moves outside of the path. This is actually a lot easier than it sounds; to start with, select all of the fill areas remaining (hold down the Shift key while clicking if necessary to select it all at once, or just drag a bounding box over the entire area to select it all), and then convert it to a symbol (F8).

Then right-click on the symbol, select Actions, and insert another on command:

on (rollover) {
gotoAndPlay(3) ;

This time we’ve told it that when the mouse just rolls over—there’s no need for a click this time—anything inside that symbol’s fill area, the Flash movie is going to jump ahead to frame 3. Otherwise, it stays on frame 2 (as long as you stick to the path).

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