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Making Your Own Flash Slingshot Target Game: I


This is going to take three lessons; for this one, we’re going to set up the drawings and animations--saving the more complex ActionScripting for the next lesson. However, this is still going to get pretty complicated and dive through some previously covered material very quickly, so if you find yourself getting lost, you may want to go back and start with something easier.

Like most games, we need a screen with instructions and a Play button. Mine’s very simple, and in the next step you can see the animated version. This involves:

1. A scripted stop to make sure that the movie doesn’t play past the first frame until the user tells it to.
2. The Rectangle and Oval Tool, Gradient Fills, the Fill Transform Tool, and the Brush tool to build the basic background, and the Text Tool to add instructions.
3. Clouds created the same way as the Valentine’s E-Card and animated within a movie clip for repetitive motion. All animation should be in movie clips, taking up only one frame on the main stage.
4. Layered symbols for the little animated…squishy thing…by using a shape tween on the base, then making a symbol of the entire tween and animating inside a movie clip for the bouncing. Sound effects are added inside the movie clip.
5. A button symbol to start the game using an on command to activate a gotoAndPlay command that will send you to frame 2, where the game actually starts.

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