1. Computing

Using Variables from an External Source with Flash's loadVariables()


Before you can load an external file from Flash, you'll need to create the file first. I prefer to use .txt (text) files for basics, and usually set up my variables in Notepad. For this example, I've created four variables and saved them in Notepad: typecolor, typetext, typestyle, and typesize, as we're going to use them to alter the text displayed by a Flash SWF. The format is pretty simple:
typetext=Now my text is loaded by variables. 
typestyle=Times New Roman 

The variable values are now defined much as we would in Flash, only without quotes around things like the font name. I also chose not to put the 0x in front of the hex value for the font color; that's just an old habit, as I like to keep it in plain HTML should I use the variable for certain other things, and use ActionScripting to append the 0x when I need it.

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