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Deconstructing the Paint Application IV: The Oval Tool


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Setting up the Oval Tool Button, Introduction to CurveTo
Deconstructing the Paint Application IV: The Oval Tool
Just as in the lesson on the brush tool and the lesson on the line tool, the first thing to be done for the oval tool is set up the button so that when it’s selected, the active tool (checked and stored by _root.isactive) is defined as the oval tool.

With that done we can take a look at a new function of the Flash Drawing API: curveTo. curveTo is like lineTo in that it connects two points, but rather than drawing a straight line from point A to point B it instead draws a curve – and it requires not only the starting and ending points (anchors), but the coordinates of a control point: a point that the line curves towards. The location of the control point determines the fullness and steepness of the curve between the starting and ending anchor points.

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