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Flash Color Quiz: What's Your Mood?
Learn how to make a basic color quiz that analyzes one's mood based on split-second color choices.

Easiest Flash PreLoader Ever
Well, it may not be the very easiest preloader on the face of the earth, but it's certainly easy enough that just about anyone could do it - requiring no hidden tricks, no special variables, no tricky little intricacies. Just three frames, two if statements, and one button, and you're on your way to a preloader that you can finish in ten minutes or less.

Making Your Own Flash Slingshot Target Game: II
With the animations set up as the basis for the game, let's start to make it a little more user-interactive by adding the scripts that make the slingshot move with the mouse, and fire when clicked.

Making Your Own Flash Slingshot Target Game: I
We’re going to create a game similar to those “punch the monkey” games that you’ve seen in ads—maybe even in ads on this site. However, this game will actually have a beginning and an end, instead of just opening an annoying popup window exhorting you to buy this or that. This lesson starts off by setting up the animations and some of the basic ActionScripting involved.

Basic Flash Password Protection
While you don't want to count on this for definite site or application security, you can use this basic password script as part of a game or any other fun animation.

Breaking Down the Screaming Maze Trick
You've been pranked by it, most likely--now learn how it was done, and turn the tables on your friends.

Flash Halloween Costume Dress-Up Doll II: Controls & Scripting pt. 2
Complete your Halloween costume doll with the finishing touch: one of the most difficult "simple" tasks in Flash, making a movie clip play smoothly backwards so that your menu can be moved to both sides, rather than just one.

Flash Halloween Costume Dress-Up Doll II: Controls & Scripting
Take the next step to making the Halloween costume doll work by setting up the menu and learning how to hide and unhide the various parts when their menu elements are clicked.

Flash Halloween Costume Dress-Up Doll I: Artwork & Setup
Don't feel like getting dolled up for Halloween? Then create a virtual doll to do the trick-or-treating for you. This lesson starts off a two-part look at how to create a Flash version of a paper doll, by walking through creating the various layers of artwork required and arranging that artwork in Flash.

Animated Flash Dropdown Menu
This is a simple, animated Flash menu that drops down/expands when your mouse rolls over the menu header.

Flash Animation 18: Controlling Movie Clips II
This lesson continues what we started in Flash Animation 17, by showing how to "rewind" the movie clips to the beginning to remove the elements we placed on the stage without entirely resetting the scene.

Flash Animation 17: Controlling Movie Clips With Buttons and ActionScripting
It's time to take a bit of a leap in your Flash education by learning how to control movie clip timelines from within the main timeline. To do this we're going to use buttons to tell Flash when to play individual movie clip animations.

Flash Animation 16: Adding Sound to Buttons
We've learned how to play sounds at a certain time in a Flash animation, but what about in response to certain events? This lesson is a basic start on playing sounds on mouseovers and mouseclicks, using buttons to trigger those sounds.

Flash Animation 15: Starting and Stopping Sound Effects
Let's pick up on the last lesson to add a bouncing sound effect to our squash and stretch animation, using Flash audio to bring more life and depth to the animation.

Flash Animation 14: Gravity, Squash, and Stretch
It's time to learn how to use Flash with classic animation techniques to portray gravity, weight, and squash and stretch. Just in time for the winter holidays, too--with a snowy scene and a bouncing snowball to demonstrate the techniques.

Flash Animation 13: Creating a Simple Preloader
A Flash preloader is a short, low-key animation that plays while the rest of your animation is loading, and can either loop or show a growing progress percentage.

Making Your Own Flash Slingshot Target Game: III
We've learned to fire, now let's learn how to make the squishies recognize the impact of our projectiles and react to them, using the hitTest function and an if statement.

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