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Animation Character Sheet/Character Breakdown Basics


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The Close-Up
Animation Character Sheet/Character Breakdown Basics
Lastly, you should try to draw a detailed close-up of your character’s face, as it can tend to get minimized and a little sloppy in full-body shots. (You should draw close-ups of any other important parts, too – like perhaps an engraved pendant, tattoo, or other marking that might normally be drawn without details in full-body shots. Don’t forget to draw ears. Ears get overlooked quite often. See above. I’m guessing Vin looks so aghast because he’s missing an ear; that looks painful.)

I only have two facial expressions drawn here for example, but you should draw at least ten of the most common expressions for your character – whether he or she is generally smug, fearful, excited, happy, angry, etc. Keep drawing until you think you’ve covered their entire range of emotions.

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