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10 Essential Art Supplies for the Traditional Animator


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3-Hole Punched Paper
10 Essential Art Supplies for the Traditional Animator
Of course, with your drawing instruments, you'll need something to draw on. Your best bet is to buy copy paper with three holes punched down the side--by the ream, or by the case. One second of animation will take you anywhere from 30 to 100 sheets of paper, allowing for duplicates for retracing and for mistakes, so you'll need quite a bit of paper. 20-lb copy paper is heavy enough to make a good copy, but light enough that you can see through several layers of it with a light table on beneath it.

The reason that I choose three-hole-punch paper is because I use a little peg bar on my light table to hold my paper in place, and buying my paper already punched saves me the trouble of punching it manually or taping it on to the table, and makes it easier to align pages. I'm definitely an HP Quickpack kind of guy--they come 2500 sheets to a pack for a fairly good price, and I like the particular type of texture that HP copy paper has.

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