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2010 New Years' Resolutions for Animators


Most people have decided that 2010 is the year of years - that as the start of a new decade and not just a new year, it has more potential as a new beginning. Resolutions are bigger than ever; hope is cresting, and many people are charging forward with new projects, new ideas, new ideals. I've always been bad at making and keeping resolutions, but every year I try and if I've made at least some progress (where without the resolutions, I might not at all), I consider it a success. Here are my New Year's Resolutions; what are yours?

1. Start teaching Toon Boom Animate & Studio.
After years spent on Flash tutorials, it's about time we branch out a little, don't you think? While Flash is a great program, the Toon Boom family also offers some interesting features I'd like to explore - and that several readers have expressed an interest in learning.

2. Do more product reviews.
Especially of free and trial programs. I know when I'm thinking of purchasing software, I check as many consumer reviews as I possibly can prior to installing - especially if I can get honest reviews from real users rather than questionable reviews from paid shills.

3. Work on building my freelance client base.
2009 kept me pretty busy with my current clients, but it's always good to keep networking, exploring options, and keeping an eye out for new prospects. While the economy has promise in 2010, that promise doesn't do any good for freelance animators if we don't work to build our careers. Are you planning to look for new clients in 2010?

4. Learn Adobe InDesign.
I spend a lot of time with other Adobe products (Flash, Photoshop, Fireworks, AfterEffects, etc.) but just for fun I'd like to give InDesign a try. You never know when learning something new on the side will help you in your primary work.

These are my resolutions; with only four, let's see how well I do keeping up with them. On #1 and #2, I'm expecting you guys to keep me on my toes around here. How about you? As animators, what are your 2010 resolutions?

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