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Animation Software Review: Bluff Titler Animation Software

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Animation Software Review: Bluff Titler Animation Software

The Bottom Line

As an animation program, Bluff Titler isn't much. It creates text on video. That text may be animated or may have animated effects applied to it. Either way it's messy, grainy, a little too hokey 80s for my tastes.


  • Even a beginner can figure out the controls in five minutes.
  • Saves time with multiple preset effects.
  • Actually uses particle systems to some fairly good effect.
  • Layers. There are layers. Layers are good, right?


  • Clunky.
  • Ugly.
  • Cheesy.
  • Uncomfortable user interface design.


  • 3D animation program that allows you to create and animate 3D text, either independently or atop existing video.
  • Able to apply particle and other effects to the animated texts.
  • Can be tested as a free trial, though the trial is save-disabled.

Guide Review - Animation Software Review: Bluff Titler Animation Software

I think I'm supposed to be impressed.

I'm not.

Bluff Titler does what it's supposed to do: it lets you add 3D text to existing video, and apply preset animation effects and textures to that 3D text.

It just doesn't do it with very much sophistication, and the end result is such a grainy flashback to the 80s that I'm half-expecting Rick Astley to start dancing around behind the flaming text.

The early days of animation software gave rise to quite a few memorably ugly contributions to the world of 2D and 3D animation, in which we were so entranced with what we could do that we didn't stop to think what we should do. As the newness wore off and animation progressed into the 21st century, design sensibilities took over and animators focused less on splashy and more on quality. No more flaming text and oozing strange inkblots and...well, everything Bluff Titler offers up on one cheesy, grainy, utterly unsatisfying plate.

I know, it's not the tools, it's what you do with them -- but this tool doesn't really offer much other than a poor experience. For one, many of the preset effects have very bad raster effects around their edging, making them blend badly with the text. Two, while the controls are fairly easy to use and understand, I have a personal vendetta against user interface designers who make me constantly switch from one dropdown option to another just to access another set of tools. The workspace is a mess, and uncomfortable to work in.

Overall I couldn't find much value in this program, and wouldn't want these effects applied to anything I'd produced. It's getting three stars because it works the way it's supposed to, and it's easy for a novice to figure out.

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