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Cylekx 2.9

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Cylekx 2.9

The Bottom Line

Cylekx 2.9 is bland, unimpressive addition to the line-up of second-tier graphics and animation programs; even for a free program, it's limited in imagination, functionality, and usability.


  • It's free.


  • Unintuitive graphical user interface.
  • Not particularly useful for animation.
  • Usability is almost nil.


  • Offers both graphics and animation capabilities.
  • Extremely simple user interface may be appealing to some.
  • Interesting way of displaying the frame sequence for animations.

Guide Review - Cylekx 2.9

As an animation program, Cylekx 2.9 is dreadfully underwhelming. It functions less as an animation program and more as a frame assembly program. While it may be more useful as a graphic design and illustration program, it's not particularly worth paying for the Pro version when there are free packages that do more than the Standard version of this software.

I generally don't like giving bad reviews, simply because many of my negative impressions are a matter of personal preference - but in this case I have to make an exception. While the interface's frame display is interesting and fairly unique, it doesn't really seem to add any particular functionality. There's no graphical toolbar that I could find, and all functions are hidden away inside a cheaply designed user interface that relies on text menus and a single floating "Edit" menu. Otherwise I can't find a single useful or unique feature about this program; every feature that Cylekx offers can be found in just about any other basic / free graphics and animation program - and other programs tend to make it much more accessible and user-friendly.

Cylekx gets a 2.0 for effort. The developers tried, but this looks more like the rough framework to test the functionality of the program before further development. It doesn't look like a finished program.

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