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Animation Software Review: FotoMorph Image Animation Software

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Animation Software Review: FotoMorph Image Animation Software

The Bottom Line

For ad-supported freeware, FotoMorph does a fairly decent job of what it sets out to accomplish: it transitions one image to another over an animated timeline, whether morphing one image into another or applying warps/effects to a single image.


  • Lets you view morphs in realtime with little processor drain.
  • Allows fine point-by-point control of morph targets.
  • Comes with interesting built-in effects.
  • Free. Need I say more?


  • Distracting ads to one side, many animated.
  • Interface is an eyesore.
  • Simple processes are made overly complex.


  • Image morphing program allowing multiple transformation sequences.
  • Possesses an advanced realtime rendering engine.
  • Supports a wide variety of input and output formats.

Guide Review - Animation Software Review: FotoMorph Image Animation Software

While FotoMorph is pretty easy to use once you get used to it, the bright interface is a turnoff, as is the strangely-arranged tool set. It's a hunt-and-peck affair to find what you need to accomplish a certain thing, though once you get where you need to be the controls are fairly simple to figure out. Despite a design that mimics a GeoCities home page it's capable of a surprisingly sophisticated level of control over the morphing process, including control over point-by-point triangulation. However, for its relatively primitive purpose it may be just a bit too complex, making a detailed process out of something that should require minimal effort.

Overall, it's not a bad program. I can't say it would be on the top of my recommendations for image morphing software...but it's promising, downright competent - and sometimes 'competent' is better than 'outright bad.'

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