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iClone 3.02

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iClone 3.02

The Bottom Line

iClone by Reallusion has come a long way; it's still no Maya or 3D Studio Max, but it doesn't have to be. It's a quick and intuitive tool for novice 3D animators to put themselves into the scene, dive in, and enjoy. Considering that the basic package is free, you're definitely getting a great deal of value here.
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  • Intuitive and easy to start using.
  • Editor mode and Director mode simplify animation processes.
  • Models are easy to customize, with many pre-built styles.


  • Sample model quality isn't optimal - 3.5/5.
  • Basic scene controls may not be readily apparent.


  • Combines techniques of video animation and cinematic animation.
  • Easily allows animators to insert themselves as avatars with customizable facial meshes.
  • Allows multiple cameras to control scene views.
  • Improves on the old user interface vastly.

Guide Review - iClone 3.02

Although I enjoyed my first experience with iClone, I wasn't expecting to have so much fun this time around that I actually had to force myself to stop playing with my custom-made avatar and write this review. The ease of use in iClone 3.02 pro has improved vastly; it only takes seconds to dive in and start making a 3D-rendered mini-me...or mini-him, mini-her, mini-anything you can think of. While it's not a professional animation package and some of the base models leave a lot to be desired, it still delivers a large number of professional-quality features packaged in a format that even the most basic of users can grasp with little to no instruction, bringing the 3D filmmaking experience to a broader audience.
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User Reviews

 5 out of 5
Iclone 3.0 Pro, Member pyromancypictures

This is a great program for advanced beginners if you will excuse the term. It isn't for absolute beginners. It is relatively simple to learn but does take some time to master as there are lot of details beyond the more obvious features. Iclone is an all-in-one program, meaning that characters, props, scenes, special effects, and animations can be created within it that can also receive imports from more advanced but more singularly specialized programs such as Poser, which is really only for character creation. Iclone is the best machinima dedicated all-in-one currently available. Using actual video games for machinima is not such a good idea for serious creators because games have copyrites that affect the macinima created in them. Machinima created in Iclone is the property of the creator.

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