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iClone 3.02

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iClone 3.02

The Bottom Line

iClone by Reallusion has come a long way; it's still no Maya or 3D Studio Max, but it doesn't have to be. It's a quick and intuitive tool for novice 3D animators to put themselves into the scene, dive in, and enjoy. Considering that the basic package is free, you're definitely getting a great deal of value here.
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  • Intuitive and easy to start using.
  • Editor mode and Director mode simplify animation processes.
  • Models are easy to customize, with many pre-built styles.


  • Sample model quality isn't optimal - 3.5/5.
  • Basic scene controls may not be readily apparent.


  • Combines techniques of video animation and cinematic animation.
  • Easily allows animators to insert themselves as avatars with customizable facial meshes.
  • Allows multiple cameras to control scene views.
  • Improves on the old user interface vastly.

Guide Review - iClone 3.02

Although I enjoyed my first experience with iClone, I wasn't expecting to have so much fun this time around that I actually had to force myself to stop playing with my custom-made avatar and write this review. The ease of use in iClone 3.02 pro has improved vastly; it only takes seconds to dive in and start making a 3D-rendered mini-me...or mini-him, mini-her, mini-anything you can think of. While it's not a professional animation package and some of the base models leave a lot to be desired, it still delivers a large number of professional-quality features packaged in a format that even the most basic of users can grasp with little to no instruction, bringing the 3D filmmaking experience to a broader audience.
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