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Web-Related Flash Lessons

Incorporating Google Adsense into Flash Web Pages
Google Adsense is the big thing in making money from any website, whether it's pocket change or this month's rent. But how do you make the Adsense code work with Flash?

Quick and Dirty Transparent Flash Videos I: Premiere Preparation
You can bring bluescreen/greenscreen video into Flash to create a transparent movie played on top of web page content using wmode, but before you do that you have to do a little work in Premiere to clean the video up and prepare it for work in Flash.

Quick and Dirty Transparent Flash Videos II: From Flash to the Web
Once your bluescreen/greenscreened images have been prepared in Premiere, it's time to move them into Flash and get them ready to go on the web.

Animated Flash-Only Thumbnail Gallery I
Upgrade your static thumbnail gallery with Flash animations to make your thumbnails interactive, and keep all of your content contained on a single page.

Animated Flash-Only Thumbnail Gallery II
This continuation on the lesson on animated Flash thumbnail galleries shows how to use movie clips to animate your content appearing and disappearing.

Creating Tabbed Content in Flash with swapDepths
Using swapDepths in Flash to change the depth of your tabbed content windows, you can create an intuitive and stylish content display with easy navigation.

Flash Animation 20: Flash for Web Design: Text Links
To start off simply, we're just going to create the foundation for a basic text menu with rollover links.

Adding Animation to a Flash Popup ToolTip
Your Flash popup tooltips don't have to just appear and disappear; you can also animate them entering the scene in any numbers of ways. This demonstration shows one expanding to full size.

Bookmarking from Flash in Internet Explorer
Use getURL to create a clickable button that uses JavaScript to bookmark your URL in Internet Explorer.

Basic Flash Password Protection
While you don't want to count on this for definite site or application security, you can use this basic password script as part of a game or any other fun animation.

Flash Tip: Alternate Website for Non-Flash Users
While designing a website in Flash, it's easy to assume that your viewers will not have some version of the Macromedia Flash player. However, you may find that a large percentage of your users either have an older version of the Flash player or none at all. For these users, it's helpful to have a non-Flash version of your website available.

Flash Tip: Flash vs. Flash Player - What's the Difference?
When referring to "Flash", sometimes it can be a little unclear what we're referring to--the Flash software, or the Flash player.

Flash Tip: Embedding Your SWF in a Web Page
If you're publishing for the web, you'll need to be able to insert your SWF file into your website's layout. Here's a quick guide that will help you figure out how.

Flash Tip: Expand Your Flash Movie to Fit Any Browser
You can expand your Flash movies to fit any browser at any side just by changing the measurements in the HTML embedding to fit a percentage instead of a fixed pixel amount.

Flash Tip: Animated GIF vs. SWF Publishing for Small Content
When is it better to use an animated GIF, and when is it better to use an SWF?

Creating Easy Flash-Style Tooltips
Create your own customizable Flash rollover-style tooltip popups, using a simple two-frame movie clip and a little ActionScripting.

Creating a Custom Mouse Cursor in Flash
Whether it bounces, jiggles, squiggles, wiggles, glitters, or just sits there looking pretty, you can turn it into your own custom Flash mouse cursor to replace the default.

Flash Animation 21: Flash for Web Design: getURL Command
Flash's getURL command lets you make a hyperlink out of any graphic or symbol.

Flash Animation 22: Flash for Web Design: GUI Design
The first part of setting up a website in Flash is designing a GUI (graphical user interface) as a "container" for your content, and then making that GUI workable.

Flash Animation 23: Flash for Web Design: Creating Individual Content Pages
With a web page design set up, now we need to create the basis for our different content pages and tell our buttons how to point to them--which, in Flash, is a bit of a different process than it might be in HTML.

Flash Animation 24: Flash for Web Design: Creating a Thumbnail Gallery
For this lesson we're going to integrate a little simple copy-paste Javascript into our ActionScripting--using thumbnail graphics as clickable buttons to open custom-sized popup windows containing HTML content, right from our Flash movie.

Flash Animation 25: Flash for Web Design: Simple Video Imports
You can import video files into Flash's library just as you import other media files, but they're handled just a little bit differently. This lesson covers the simplest ways to work with video in Flash.

Flash Animation 26: Flash for Web Design: Video Playback
Since we've started using video in Flash, it stands to reason that we'd need video playback controls, as well. This lesson shows you how to add playback control buttons to turn your video display into your own simple media player.

Flash Animation 27: Flash for Web Design: Creating Scrollable Text
Just because your Flash movie is a fixed size doesn't mean that you have to pare down all of your text so that it will fit into a single tiny space; you can create scrollable areas inside Flash so that even when your content is too large for the movie area, you can still make sure that it's entirely visible.

Animated Flash Dropdown Menu
This is a simple, animated Flash menu that drops down/expands when your mouse rolls over the menu header.

Flash Tip: SWF vs. Video Publishing for Large Content
Can publishing Flash movies in video format save space and lower filesize?

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