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Traditional Animation in Flash

Part of bringing computer animation into the digital age is learning to apply traditional 2D animation techniques in a computerized environment, with tools to streamline and simplify animation processes.

Animation Spotlight10

After Effects Kinetic Typography Pt. 6

Use scaling animation to rapidly bring on narrated text in part 6!

After Effects Kinetic Typography Pt. 5

Use pre-compositions and parenting to create an easy and quick animation in part 4.

After Effects Kinetic Typography Pt. 4

Use track mattes to make text appear and disappear as well as continue using text animators to get half way through our animation project!

After Effects Kinetic Typography Pt. 3

Tackle the second bit of dialogue as well as using the graph editor to clear the screen between narration.

After Effects Kinetic Typography Pt. 2

Start animating your audio using text animators in part 2!

After Effects Kinetic Typography Pt. 1

We'll be making a kinetic typography animation from start to finish, Part 1 organizes our files and gets the project ready to animate.

What is Pixilation?

What is pixilation and how is it different than stop motion?

Person vs. Studio: Why It's Better To Be Yourself

Is it better to label your independent work as a studio or individual?

Turn A Series of Photos into Animation

What's the easiest way to turn photos into animation? With After Effects!

The Best Way to Polish Animation in After Effects Part 2

Finish up exploring the best way to polish your animations using the graph editor!

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