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3D Studio Max Lesson 1.1: A Basic Overview of 3DSMax's Main Tool Bar


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3D Studio Max Intro 1
In this tutorial, we'll just be taking a look at parts of the environment of 3D Studio Max version 4.26, and helping you to get more familiar with the tool panels, how to navigate them, and how to use the sets of basic tools you'll need to begin animating; in this tutorial, we’ll only be looking at the viewports and the top toolbar, so that we can cover each set of tools in more detail in successive tutorals.

If you're using a version later than 4.26, don't worry; the basics still apply. Because we're covering the principle foundations of animating in three dimensions, we won't be looking at the more advanced plugins and automated functions that come with later versions of the program.

When you first open 3D Studio Max, it can look a little daunting, with dozens of buttons and tabs, screens and panels. But don't worry; just follow along, and we'll get started on figuring out just what's what.

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