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Thinking about turning your interest in animation into a career? Here are a few tips on the first steps to take, and links to the employment sites of some of the biggest players in the industry.
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Should Adult Material Feature in an Animation Demo Reel?
Should you limit the content of your professional animation demo reel for a family-friendly audience only?

Should Gory or Sexual Imagery be Included in an Animation Demo Reel?
When animation is no longer specifically targeted to children, is it appropriate to include blood, gore, sex, and other possibly inappropriate topics in your animation demo reel? Share your opinion.

Should I Stay or Should I Go:
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A New Career for a New Year
With the new year, why not get a new career? Here's a brief outline linking to resources on preparing and educating yourself about finding a new animation career, before taking steps on seeking it out.

Tips for the Freelance Animator: Balancing Your Work and Home Life
Is your freelance animation work taking over your life? Can't draw a line between where work ends and your home life begins? Take a look at these tips for time management and prioritizing to help you create a clear division and keep yourself more organized and stress-free.

So You Want to be a....
Anyone can seek out a career in computer animation, regardless of any measure of artistic talent; all that you need is to know what you want, and to be willing to put in the necessary effort to achieve it. This article gives a basic set of guidelines on where to start, and a little advice on how to pursue your chosen field.

A Realistic Look at Freelance Animation Work
Ever wondered about the downside of working for yourself? Here are some of the things to be prepared for when you're thinking about getting into freelance work.

Demo Reel Faux Paus
Although we should always be free to express ourselves in any way through our art, at times certain forms of expression can be inappropriate and even detrimental to your career. One of those times is when you're putting together a demo reel for potential employers--and while I can't tell you how to cultivate good taste, I can give you a list of the cardinal sins of demo reels and just why they're so bad.

Staying Fresh: Keeping Yourself, Your Demo Reel, and Your Portfolio Up to Date
With the rapid advancements in computer animation software, technology, and techniques, it can start to feel as if by the time we move into a career in animation, everything that we'd previously learned has become obsolete. So how do we keep up, without becoming as obsolete as last year's versions of software?

The Total Package: Presenting Your Credentials in a Visually Impressive Fashion
The job market now is fiercely, almost viciously competitive, and now focuses not only on your skills and experience, but on your professionalism and how you present and market yourself. Let's discuss properly "dressing" your presentation materials, and packaging them so that they create the right visual impression.

The Myth of the Starving Artist: What Salary Can An Animator Expect?

How To Create An Animation Resume
An animator's resume has certain requirements unique to the industry - and certain pitfalls equally unique. Learn the dos and don'ts in creating your own resume.

Creating An Animation Sample Sheet As A Companion For Your Resume
Want to apply for an animation job but don't have an opportunity to send your portfolio or demo reel? Include a sample sheet in your resume, with a thumbnail highlight of your work.

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