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Flash Frame-By-Frame Animation: Detailed Animation Part I


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Creating a Character and Scene for Reference
Flash Frame-By-Frame Animation: Detailed Animation Part I
Since we've covered basic keyframing and in-betweening and done our first walk-cycle, it's time to get started building a full-color animation in stages across various lessons. Above you'll see the basic concept for my animation; that surly-looking fellow is Shinji, a character I've worked with off and on for years now. I want to animate Shinji turning his head to the side and rising up slightly, and so to start with I set the scene with an imported bitmap background and then spent an hour drawing and coloring Shinji in Flash in his starting position.

We're not going to work with him like this, though. We're going to build our animation from the ground up; this is just a starting reference to keep the key idea in mind and to be sure we have a reference for what the final character should look like. I've made my character rather complicated and detailed, but for your first one you may want to simplify a bit.

This is going to be a difficult and time-consuming series of lessons--possibly the most difficult and time-consuming that we've yet covered, but you'll learn to apply the basic techniques that we've learned to creating an actual detailed colored, shaded traditional animation in the streamlined convenience of Flash.

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