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Animation in Video Games and Movies

Sometimes watching a movie or playing a video game can feel like stepping into another world, where the impossible is possible and the unreal looks only too real. With the advent of computer animation, movie and video game special effects are becoming more and more believable, and more and more spectacular; let's take a look at just how the professional animation teams behind the magic create the visuals that bedazzle us all.

Movie Magic: Creating Unreality from Reality
"How'd they do that?" Take a peek at how computer animators make those digital models move in such a realistic fashion.

Animating for Video Games vs. Animating for Movies
Creating animations for video games is much different from creating animations for movies, and can be much more difference; in this article, we'll explore the differences caused by interactivity vs. passivity.

FMVs vs. Playable Models in Video Games
What, you may ask, is an FMV? It's short for "Full Motion Video", and is a term used to refer to the non-interactive, fully-detailed, fully-rendered movie sequences that are often spaced throughout gameplay in many video games, especially those of the roleplaying genre.

Guide Commentary: Animated Effects in Joss Whedon's Serenity
Rather than overwhelm, the talents of Zoic Studios' animation team brought the crew of Firefly from life to larger than life in Serenity's big-screen debut, and provided a positive example of how to use animation as an asset to enhance a film's storyline.

Robots: A Fine Example to Animators....of What Not to Do.
While the animation in Robots is visually stunning and a wonderful example of what attention to detail can do, I think that this film can teach animators a much more important lesson: what not to do when creating an animated film/story.

The Final Days of Final Fantasy
Square's Final Fantasy games have had a long and brilliant run, but things are starting to spiral down towards the end, with a rash of abortive, barely-successful experiments and apathetic sequels and spinoffs. Is it time to throw in the towel?

Filming in the Digital World: Virtual "Cameras"
Ever wondered how those dazzling animated effects got from the computer to the movie screen? Even when working in three-dimensional computer animation, you still need a camera to film your animation.

From 2D to 3D: Using Textures to Create Raised Surfaces
Three-dimensional models can possess amazing levels of detail; not only in sculpted shapes, but also in texture. In truth, what you're looking at isn't clever modeling, but an illusion of texturing.

The Art of Digital Compositing: Blue-Screening
Sometimes we see effects in television and movies that couldn’t possibly be real. But if these scenes aren’t being shot against real-life backdrops....how are these actors being placed in these fantastic environments, performing these strange and unreal acts?

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