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Tips and Tools for Your animations, Education, and Career.


It doesn't matter if you're a traditional animator or a digital animator; over the course of your animation career, you'll accumulate a wealth of tips and tricks to help you save time, save money, and safely cut corners to produce the best product most efficiently. You'll also build up a storehouse of education and career know-how, until you're a veteran in the animation industry. Try these tips on for size - or write in and contribute a few of your own.
  1. Basic Animation Tips
  2. Flash Tips and Tricks
  3. Money-Saving and Shopping Tips for Animators
  4. Education Tips
  5. Career Tips

Basic Animation Tips

These tips cover helpful tools and processes for animation, as well as troubleshooting problems that you might run across while working with computer animation.

Flash Tips and Tricks

Flash is a complicated program, but you can easily avoid getting bogged down and save time with some basic tips.

Money-Saving and Shopping Tips for Animators

Animation programs are expensive; so are the various tools and supplies that we use every day. Here are some ways to save money - and a few guides on what to get for the special animator in your life who might be a little strapped for cash.

Education Tips

There are many things to learn about being an animator, and the learning process never ends. Looking for a good school? Ready to graduate, and putting together your portfolio? Try these helpful guides.

Career Tips

If you're looking for a job in animation, or even if you already work in the field and need a little refresher, these tips should help you keep your animation career on track.

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