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Flash Tip: Enabling Simple Buttons


Flash Tip: Enabling Simple Buttons
In order to make any buttons that you've created in Flash operable in your working stage, there's a simple option that you can toggle on and off called Enable Simple Buttons. Without this option turned on, your buttons will only be static images when you're working on your main stage; you would have to publish or preview in order to see them work or test them. By turning on Enable Simple Buttons, you can view your rollover effects or click on them directly in the editing stage, though only simple functions will work.

To turn this option on or off, go to Control->Enable Simple Buttons, or use the hotkeys Ctrl+Alt+B (PC) or Command+Option+B (Mac).

While this is a useful option, it's not always a good idea to keep it turned on at all times; it can make it difficult to select your buttons for editing or repositioning.

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